Coming soon to House Stock
  • Distinct Looks at Affordable Prices

    The application of Compo creates unique and distinctive looks at an affordable price.
  • New Morning, New Moulding

    Coming to our House Stock line of Mouldings in the very near future.
  • Crafted in America, Caring for America

    Dust collectors used to recycle wood byproducts get repainted
  • Milk Paint Prototypes

    What are your thoughts? Should we add these to our House Stock line of mouldings?
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Conventional wisdom would have you believe American manufacturing is all but dead – a declining relic that can’t compete.

We're Not Conventional

Since 1981, we've been proving there are distinct advantages to working with an experienced, dependable supplier who truly understands its customers and the industries they serve.

We’re not asking you to buy American. We’re asking you to buy the best. It just so happens to be made right here.