New Wrappers Add Durability

Oct 04, 2012

Nickell Moulding recently installed two advanced Barberan profile wrapping machines. Utilizing superior polyurethane (PUR) glues, the wrappers offer a more permanent, waterproof bond that will not delaminate like some traditional lesser quality adhesives. The highly versatile machines can apply paper, vinyl, veneer and PVC wraps to wood, MDF, plastic and even aluminum substrates.

Asked about the benefit of using PUR, George Nickell, President of Nickell Moulding, states "The incredible bonding strength allows us to use less glue. That, in combination with labor savings and increased speed enables us to offer a superior product at a very competitive price point." He adds, "Demand for our wrapped product has been growing and together these machines increase our wrapped profile capacity by more than 60%."