Faster & More Cost Effective Short-runs

Jan 15, 2013

Nickell Moulding's Bold Investment Enables Faster, More Cost-Effective Short-Run Production

When it comes to moulding manufacturing, the word is 'smaller' – as in smaller but more frequent runs and smaller lead times. With the set-up to production time ratio increasing by the year, Nickell Moulding Company looked to the Weinig Group for help.

The solution involved a Lineal Moulding Cell concept used in conjunction with a software called MillVision Pro. By combining the smart ripping system Nickell had previously installed with the quick set-up of the PowerLock tool system, they were able to reduce costs for short runs. Once fully implemented, automated software will link order processing and tracking, the optimized ripsaw, the tool room and the moulders on the factory floor. This lessens redundant entries, minimizes errors, and reduces paper handoffs, all creating a more efficient system. 

Despite the benefits, the decision wasn't an easy one. While others had utilized isolated components, Nickell would be one of the first in the country to invest in the complete Integrative Moulding Manufacturing System. But after seeing the demonstration in Weinig’s Mooresville showroom, George Nickell and CFO Scott McAfoos were convinced.

The system consists of a Powermat 1000 with the patented PowerLock tool design and the Rondomat profile grinder. Powercom software links tooling with the factory floor while the MillVision Pro, OrderIt and JobView software manage the broader process. Nickell had previously invested in the Raimann KR 310 moving blade ripsaw with Value Rip optimization software and material handling.

After using the new system for several months, George and Scott say, “We are very impressed and delighted with the performance. The new equipment is serving us very well as we make other factory floor changes to enhance the entire process. Our customers are already seeing the benefits and we believe it will only get better as we move through this transformation.”