Custom or Truly Custom?

For some, ‘custom’ can mean selecting from a limited number of profiles or finishes and modifying them slightly. And if that’s your need, we can certainly handle it. But at Nickell, 'custom' means truly custom. Whether from a sample, a photo or a sketch, we can faithfully reproduce the exact profile, substrate and finish.

Quick Turn-around on Standing Profiles

If competitively priced, semi-custom is what you need, we have a catalog of over 1,500 standing profiles and hundreds of finishes, many of which can be produced in ten production days or less.

Exclusive Design, Exclusively Yours

If you’re in need of something truly unique, talk to our design specialists. We’ve often developed exclusive lines for our distribution customers, enabling them to offer product no one else carries.

If it is Moulding, We Make It

The range of mouldings we supply is nothing less than impressive, from delicate 1⁄2-inch fillets to massive 10-inch wide frame mouldings and larger. Whether you need raw profiles or highly complex multi-step finishes, we provide them all. With our immense manufacturing capacity, we fill everything from minimal quantities to orders of 500,000 feet and more.