Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between #1 Common, FAS, and Select?

These are lumber grades. While in board form, lumber is graded by considering the location of knots, the width & length of the board, and wane. For the purposes of mouldings, "FAS" and "select" are interchangeable terms for a premium grade lumber. Defects do exist in this grade but are typically less severe and not as frequent. "#1 Common" is the next step below "Select" or "FAS." This grade allows for shorter boards (4ft vs. 6ft), and a higher rate of defects. Nickell Moulding does not run lumber of any grade lower than "#1 Common."

Which lumber grade should I be using?

Typically, the longer and/or wider the required moulding, the greater the need for "select" or "FAS." Using a picture frame moulding as an example: If you require a moulding 1-1/2" wide, which is mainly used on frames 20" x 24" and larger, paying more for FAS would be advisable. If you require a moulding 1-1/4" wide, with sizes mainly from 8" x 10" to 24" x 30," #1 common would most likely be a better value. See our Grading Guide for photos showing the difference. If you have further questions regarding grading, a Nickell Moulding representative will be happy to assist you.